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About Us

Welcome to P. Douglas Waterscapes, LLC. Your Premier Water Feature Design and Installation Specialists.

We love the water! Everything about it is relaxing and exhilarating all at the same time. Our founder, Paul, grew up in a house on a lake and frequently thinks back to some of his best memories being around water. Later in life, Paul always found himself drawn to the ambience of water. The sounds, the movement, the music of it all. There is something magical that happens when you add a water feature to a landscape. There is a sense of connectedness that it creates. We find our clients love the peace of mind that comes in solitude by the water, enjoying as a family, and the energy and focal point it creates when entertaining.

If you are considering a water feature for your landscape, we are here to help you find your inspiration. Whether it be a custom fountainscape, a pondless “disappearing” waterfall , a recreation pond or an ecosystem pond, we are here for all of your needs.

Ready to start discovering what a custom water feature can offer you? You have come to the right place. Dig in, explore, and enjoy.

Water Features

Ecosystem Ponds

Start at $10,995
Naturalistic ponds perfect for Koi and other fish.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless Waterfalls

Start at $6,995
Waterfalls without the maintenance of a pond.

Fountainscapes Urns


Start at $4,995
Decorative water features such as Bubbling Urns, basalt columns, etc.

What Our Customers Say

I hired Paul to maintain our pond after the person who installed it moved away. Paul has done a great job. He is reliable and thorough and reasonably priced. I highly recommend him.

Andrea L. from West Hartford

Our Pondless Waterfall that we affectionately refer to as our “Stream of Dreams,” is such a tranquil and serene place to relax and enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis. When we needed mechanical service and wanted some enhancements made, we contacted Paul at PD Waterscapes. He provided excellent guidance and education and was able to address all our needs on time and for the price he quoted. Paul is professional, and a great guy to work with. If you need any help with your water feature or are considering one, call Paul at PD Waterscapes, you won’t be disappointed!

Darlene and Steven A. from West Hartford

Paul is great to work with, very reponsive to any needs or questions, fair, honest and knowledgeable about water features. I highly recommend him.

Ronnie S. from West Hartford

Pond Service and Maintenance

Keeping your pond healthy and vibrant is our priority. We offer comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services that extend through all seasons, ensuring a thriving aquatic environment.

We handle everything from spring cleaning and winterization to regular maintenance and pond enhancements.

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