Pond Service and Maintenance

Your pond’s health is our priority. We provide an in-depth and thorough cleaning and maintenance service to ensure your pond stays vibrant throughout the seasons.

In-Depth Breakdown of Our Spring Service

Our spring service ensures your pond transitions perfectly from winter to the blossoming spring season. Here’s a detailed look at the comprehensive tasks we undertake:

  1. Removal of Winterizing Equipment: This includes heaters, aerators, and other winter-specific implements.
  2. Water Feature Inspection: We check for any obvious leaks or damages that may need repair.
  3. Water Removal: The existing pond water is pumped out to a designated holding tank, lawn, or drain for optimal cleaning.
  4. Pond Cleaning: We diligently remove debris, rinse, and power wash your entire pond including skimmers, filters, and media.
  5. Filter Media Inspection and Replacement: If any old filter media are found during the inspection, we replace them. Remember, the typical lifespan of many filter pads is 2-4 years.
  6. Lighting System Inspection: We ensure your lighting system is functioning properly, replacing any broken fixtures, bulbs, or transformers as necessary (note: additional fee for new products).
  7. Pump Inspection and Reinstallation: We verify the functionality of your pump and replace it if necessary.
  8. Rock and Boulder Adjustment: As needed, we adjust rocks, boulders, and gravel to maintain the aesthetic of your pond.
  9. Water Treatment: After adding water to test the pump, we treat it with a variety of substances:
    • Dechlorinator: Removes chlorine and heavy metals that may be harmful to fish.
    • Water Flocculant: Clarifies water by settling debris to the bottom.
    • Beneficial Bacteria: Helps create a balanced ecosystem in your pond, ensuring the water stays clear all season.
    • Green Clean: A fish-safe algaecide applied when there’s excessive algae present.
  10. Fish Care: We transfer fish to a holding tank with an aerator during cleaning, then reintroduce them to the pond using water from the holding tank and fresh water for optimal acclimation.

Additional Services

Besides our comprehensive Spring Service, we also offer:

  • Maintenance Services: Our maintenance services cover a wide variety, including repairs of broken water pipes, pump issues, leak remediation, and pond enhancements like waterfall/stream rebuilding, installation, and rock and boulder adjustments.
  • Fall Netting Services: As autumn arrives, we offer netting services to keep falling leaves and debris out of your pond.
  • Winterization Services: We help you close down your pond for winter, removing check valves, adding aeration, and installing heaters if appropriate.

Watch Our Service in Action

To get a better understanding of our services, watch our pond cleaning process in this video.

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