Hi, my name is Paul Tarasuk.

I have always loved nature, specifically water. As a kid, some of my greatest memories were around water. Swimming, fishing, camping, boating, or just enjoying the time that being close to water afforded me. As a young adult I tended to choose jobs that brought me closer to nature such as Lifeguarding (best job in the world) , Chef at a ski resort in Colorado, and landscaping. From those beginnings I discovered the wonderful world of water features. After a 20 year career in Hospitality Marketing and as a Professional Chef, I decided to pursue my passion for nature working with Water Features. After 5 years apprenticing with a great mentor and Certified Aquascape Contractor and educational training with Aquascape, the pioneer in the Water Feature Industry, P. Douglas Waterscapes was born.

I currently install, service, and maintain water features in West Hartford and surrounding areas beautifying landscapes with moving water. My ultimate goal is offer families a way to get more time together and unplug from stresses of the world by having water features that enhance their landscapes and their lives. Every Home deserves a water feature and you deserve the peace of mind one can provide. My passion is your paradise!


Paul Tarasuk “The Pond Chef”
P. Douglas Waterscapes

Paul Tarasuk